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Graduated Bursary Students – 2010 and 2011

2011 Graduates

Winfred Wamucii Wamuyu – Egerton University

Hi, I have a story concerning my past that I can use to encourage my fellow girls who are rescued from early marriages who can still make it in their life despite what people say about them. I was married when I was 15 years when my parents could not raise my school fees, I was rescued by my High school principle from this marriage and that is when Ol Pejeta conservancy came into my life, they sponsored my education. After secondary I passed my KCSE and with the help of the conservancy I joined Egerton university where am taking a degree course in computer science. Am very grateful to Ol Pejeta conservancy for making my dreams come true. I appreciate the help that the organization has offered to me. I will encourage young girls who have a chance to be in school to work hard to have a bright future despite what the society take them for. My fellow girls it’s high time that we realize that there are equal opportunities for each and every one of us in life; I mean the world of today is gender sensitive and every one of us has an equal chance in life. Your future depends on you and as you all know that education is the key to success then there are things to consider and take the seriousness it deserves. The following considerations must be taken:

  • What are your dreams in life?
  • Do you have an opportunity of exploring your talent?
  • Do you understand yourself? I mean do you know what can make you fail or not concentrate on your education?
  • What has encouraged you to like education?

Yours Winfred Wamucii

Duncan Wanyingi – Jomo Kenyatta High

I am Duncan Wanyingi, an orphan from Wathituga village. I with many thanks appreciate all my sponsors (Ol Pejeta and PA-MOJA) who have supported my education since 2008. Before you came to my support I experienced hindrances to my education, but your support brought hope to my life as I have been able to continue with my education effectively. I have completed secondary education and I am now looking forward to join university in future where I can further my education. I greatly thank you all for supporting to have education and it is my hope that this good relationship will prevail.

Thank you

Lucy Wamucii – Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School

I am Lucy Wamucii, a former student at Loise Nanyuki girls secondary school. On behalf of my family and myself I would like to register my vote of thanks Ol Pejeta and PA-MOJA for the secondary school sponsorship. Without you kind support it could have been very difficult for me to achieve my academic dream. When I say thank you I really do mean it since I know where I come from. For now I am waiting for my examination result which will determine if I will join university so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. I would be happy to support a needy child in future.

Martha Gathoni – Egoji Teachers Training College

I am Martha Gathoni, an Egoji Teachers Training College graduate. I feel much humbled to take this chance to appreciate and thank all donors who contributed to my education. I lack good words to express my appreciation and gratitude but I must that you transformed my life and I am now meaningfully living. With your support I have become a teacher and I am currently teaching at Sunflower Academy. I pray God that His face may shine upon you.

Thank you again

Simon Karanja Wanjohi – Kamwenja Teachers College

I am very glad to express my gratitude for the continued support accorded to me by the Ol Pejeta conservancy and Canadian donors known as Project Kenya Sister School. I am in my final year at Kamwenja teachers college where I am training as a primary school teacher. I at times volunteer to teach at Irura primary school. Thank you for the kind support which will enable me to have a career in future. God bless you all.

Alice Ngonyo – Loise

Dear PA-MOJA Canadian sponsors,

I hereby would like to express my gratitude for the sponsorship you extended to me during my for year course at Loise Nanyuki Girls secondary school. I managed to attain a mean grade of C+ and I look forward to pursue a diploma course in future. I pray that God may bless you so that you continue to help more needy kid to have education. I thank God for your existence.

Hassan Dida (Charu) – Endana

I am Hassan Dida and I hereby express my gratitude for being your sponsored student. I sat for my final secondary school examination end of last year (2011) and managed to score a grade of C-. I am now waiting to join a college in future and pursue a course that would support my life. I must say that it was with your support that I have come this far. I am currently working as a motorbike driver at Depatas shopping centre. Thank you for sponsoring my education.

Wariro Hussain Dika – Endana

I would like to take this chance to thank the Ol Pejeta conservancy and PA-MOJA for supporting my secondary school education. I schooled at Endana secondary school and we were the first lot to graduate from the school. I am at Depatas where I live with my family waiting to see the kind of the course I can undertake in future. Many thanks to my sponsors.

James Mwangi – Tigithi

Its with a lot of gratitude that I take this opportunity to express my vote of thanks to my sponsors for having supported my secondary school education all through. Without your support I could not have been able to realize my dreams since I live with my grandmother who is unable to support me. I am very much thankful for your kind support. I scored a mean grade of C and would like to be a school teacher hence am looking forward to pursuing course in education. This is to enable me upgrade the level of education in my village. Thank you very much

Lilian Mbatia – Moi Girls Equator

I Lilian Mbatia would like to give my vote of thanks to PA-MOJA for having paid my school fees during my four years in secondary school which I completed in November 2011. Mere words cannot describe my gratitude for the sponsorship. I would also like to admit that my life would not have been easy without your intervention since I come from a very humble background.

I attained a mean grade of C and am looking forward to join a good tertiary college in the near future.

Thank you so much.

Peninah Muthoni Maina – Loise

Dear PA-MOJA Sponsors,

I am very delighted to express my vote of thanks for your support towards my education at Loise Nanyuki Girls secondary school. I completed last year (2011) and attained a mean grade of B+ which will enable me to join one of the best universities in the country. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness at the look of my result. This is victory I celebrate together with you since it was by your support I remained in school. I gladly thank you and I look for your continued support even in future. Whatever help you are giving to needy children is noble and education support will not only affect the sponsored students but will also transform their families.

Thank You very much and God bless you.

Mary King’ori – Loise Nanyuki Girls

I Mary King’ori am very grateful for the kind support extended to me by Ol Pejeta and good friends from Canada. It was with your support that I was able to undertake and complete my four years education in secondary school. I am happy to inform you that I scored a mean grade of B+ and I therefore qualify to join university under government regular programme. I am very happy for the sponsorship and I hope the good relationship will remain even in future. I would be happy to support a kid in future.

Judy Wangu Wachira – Loise

Dear Sponsors,
I hereby take this opportunity to thank you for the help that you gave me throughout all the four years of my secondary education .I am grateful because i was able to get to another level on my education.

I am currently based in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.May the Almighty God bless you and add more unto you as you help many more.

Thank you in Advance.
Yours Faithfully,
Judy Wangu Wachirah.

Caroline Njeri – St. Augustine

Edwin Kagiri Maina – Tigithi

Faith Njeri Ndung’u – Loise

Rose Mugo – Tigithi

2010 Graduates

Anthony Gakuru – Tigithi Secondary School

I’m Anthony Gakuru aged 21 years. I have been an orphan since the year 1993 when my mother, who was single, passed away. My grandmother took the responsibilities since then.

I enrolled in nursery school in Chuma primary school until the year 1999 when I was transferred to Wathituga primary school where undertook my primary education up to the year 2006. Despite the difficulties, I attained 335 marks out of 500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).In the year 2007, I joined form one in Tigithi Secondary school. There is where my dreams seemed to come to right when I was interviewed by the Principal, Tigithi secondary school, Mr. Muchiri, and I gave out my history. Later is when I was introduced to Ol Pejeta Conservancy and The Sisters School in Kenya who granted me the sponsorship. Many thanks to the Ol Pejeta Conversancy and the Sisters School in Kenya for their support.

In the year 2010, I sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and attained an overall aggregate of A-(minus) 74 points. This has been made possible by Ol Pejeta Conservancy and The Project Kenya Sisters Schools in conjunction with God’s glory. Hoping they will continue supporting until I pursue my dreams in the University.

Lastly, I don’t know how I can express my gratitude but I can only say thanks for your humane and merciful hearts, Ol Pejeta and The Sisters School in Kenya, may the Almighty Lord see you through as you accomplish your set objectives. Many thanks

Mary Kathambi – Loise Nanyuki Girls

I am Mary Kathambi and a former student of Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School. I was sponsored by PA-MOJA after my family was displaced during the post election violence that hit our country in January 2008. I would like to say a big thank you for your kind support.

Currently I am undertaking a course in Business management at Mt. Kenya University in Thika town. I am working hard to make it in life so that I can liberate my family from poverty and to ensure that my younger siblings get education. Thank you.

Nancy Wangui Ngari – Loise Nanyuki Girls

I am a former student of Loise Nanyuki Girls school and one of your sponsored kid. I am very grateful for the kind support extended to me by Canadian donors through the Ol Pejeta conservancy. I completed my secondary school education in 2010 and I have been admitted to University of Nairobi this year (2012). It is at this point that want to register my vote of thanks for making my life and academic dream come true. I look forward for a continued relationship. Thank you a lot.

Samuel Kamau – Sweetwaters

I am Samuel Kamau Muthoni a former student at Sweetwaters secondary school and a beneficiary of OPC – PA-MOJA bursary programme. I sincerely thank all those who gave support towards my education during the period between 2007 – 2010. If Ol Pejeta did not come to my rescue, my mother who is a single mother and one without an income could not have afforded to cater for my education. I in connection to this and on behalf of my family, wish to register my gratitude and appreciation for the support accorded to me. Thank you and God bless you all.

Dennis Kung’u – St. Augustine

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