November 12, 2011 at 4:22 am

Projects for 2012 – In 2011 approximately $19,000 was allocated to projects.



Unit Cost KES

Total Cost KES

1. Classroom construction for Uaso-Nyiro primary School

800,000 (approx. 9,000 CAD)

800,000 (approx. 9,000 CAD)

2. Cows and Biogas equipment for 4 secondary schools

250,000 (approx. 2,800 CAD)

1,000,000 (approx. 11,200 CAD)

3. On-going small school libraries (2 schools)

350,000 (approx. 4,000 CAD)

700,000 (approx. 8, 000 CAD)

 N/B: This is in addition to the on-going bursary support of 40 beneficiaries annually

Cows/ Biogas Project for Schools

Cows/ Biogas Project for Schools is one of the major projects anticipated for school communities this year. The project consists of keeping of two dairy cows and the establishment of biogas equipment at a cost of Ksh250,000 per school. We will start with four schools that have enough portions of land and that are equally needy. These schools are Endana Secondary School, Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School, Sweetwaters Secondary School and Thome Boys Secondary School while more schools could be considered in future.

Dairy cows feeding on hay                                               

The project has been identified by key stakeholders including school managements, parents and students as well as other key stakeholders as one that will go along way in addressing a number of challenges as outlined below.

  • It will support milk production estimated at 50 litres per school per day for on-going school feeding program (for Loise Girls, Thome Boys and Endana Secondary schools) while it will as well initiate a tea program for Sweetwaters Secondary School. This nutritional support to students will positively affect their health and in turn their learning ability. Depending on the school population and whether the school is a day or boarding school, the milk could be used for drinking and where there is surplus it could contribute to school income.  Also, money previously used to provide tea at schools could be turned into other educational support.
  • The biogas project will cut down costs incurred by schools in buying firewood which has proved expensive. The cutting down of trees for firewood also negatively impacts the environment. A boarding school spends Ksh 120,000 annually on firewood, an amount that could be greatly reduced by more than half if not completely by establishment of a good biogas equipment (estimated at Ksh 100,000).

A biogas equipment behind the cows shed

  • Once implemented the school will use the biogas project for practical lessons in subjects such as Agriculture, Business Studies and Home science among others.
  • The project will also improve the quality of the agricultural land at the school through growing of rhode grass for hay/ animal feed production.

Rhode grass growing on a local land.

  • Some of the kitchen waste that previously had no use will be profitably be utilized as part of animal feed. Part of animal waste will also serve as manure for school gardens that supply school kitchen. Students pursuing agriculture as a subject are supposed to establish agricultural plots which are examinable and marks scored add to the final grade. The manure would improve plant growth in these plots.

Loise School Students Agricultural Plot

Please note that projects not accomplished during the year 2012 would be forwarded to the year 2013/ 2014

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