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Full and Partial Bursary Students 2012

Students with Full Bursaries in 2012

Form 4 (Grade 12) Students

Jackline Asukuku – Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School

My name is Jackline Asukuku, aged 17 years and in grade 12 at Loise girls school. I come from Depatas a few meters on the northern of Ol Pejeta conservancy. When I sat for my grade 8 final examination at Uaso-Nyiro primary school I scored 328/ 500 marks and I was qualified to join a good school but my parents were unable to pay. I thank God for existence of Loise girls school which is an academic centre of excellence for girls from disadvantaged background, and it was at Loise School where I was enrolled into PA-MOJA sponsorship. I thank you very much for were it not of your support, I could not have reached where I am. My dream is to become a doctor and I believe one day I will help a needy child as you have done to me. I promise to work very hard and thank you very much.

Wycliffe Maina – St. Augustine Secondary School

I am Wycliffe Maina and I am from a family of 6 including my single mother, my three brothers, my sister and myself. My two elder brothers schooled up to grade 8 but my mother was unable to take them to secondary school. I am very grateful that you have been supporting meand I am now in grade 12 which is my final year for secondary education I am working hard in school to get good grades that will enable me to get admission to a good Kenyan university. My goal is to become an engineer.

Form 3 (Grade 11) Students

Frederick Maina – Tigithi Secondary School

My name is Fredrick Maina born in 1996 and I live with my grandmother. I am an orphan schooling at Tigithi secondary school and currently in grade 11 (2011). I thank God for my sponsors who have put light into my life which was previously dull. I was always out of school to get school fees and my old Asthmatic granny was unable to pay even as she struggled to provide food for the family. I am grateful for your kind support. I am ambitious to become a teacher in future.

Ann Gathigia Wangui – Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School

My name is Ann Gathigia Wangui from Thome village in Laikipia central. I was born in 1995. When I was young my mother developed a mental problem and I had to be taken care of by Aunt. Later, after my mother got well I went back to Thome where we have been living with my mum and my brother. After my final primary exam, I got admission to Loise Nanyuki Girls. My parents were unable to pay and I greatly thank the school for keeping for a period of two years without school fees. I am happy that my community selected me for PA-MOJA-OPC bursary. I am really working hard to fulfill my goal of becoming a high school teacher. I would wish to change my family’s lifestyle. I promise that when I get a job, I would wish to sponsor a girl at Loise girls secondary school as PA-MOJA/ Ol Pejeta has done to me. Thank you and may God bless you.

Kelvin Kariuki – Thome Boys Secondary School

I am Kelvin Kariuki born on 6th March 1994. I have been raised in a family of five at Withare sublocation, 2 kilometers from Ol Pejeta perimeter fence on the western side. I pursued my primary school course at Kijabe primary school till I did my KCPE in 20009. I scored 345 marks and managed to be position one in our class. As I was about to join high school my sister fell sick and had to undergo a surgical operation and she therefore spent all the little money that my parents had saved. From then I saw clearly that my parents could not be in a position to support my education and my sister’s health since they had no reliable source of income. Thanks a lot to Ol Pejeta conservancy/ PA-MOJA as they came to my support. I must admit that I was unable to contain myself after I learnt that I had qualified for sponsorship. I am working hard to achieve a mean grade A- so that I can realize my dream to become a mechanical engineer.

Beatrice Ekomwa – Endana Secondary School

I am Beatrice aged 17 years and a student of Endana secondary school. I am very glad for having recruited into OPC/PA-MOJA sponsorship earlier this year (2012). Whatever help extended to me is support extended to a needy pastoralist child. I am so happy and I promise to work hard to ensure that I realize my academic dream. I take this chance to thank all those who are sponsoring my education.

Form 2 (Grade 10) Students

Esther Nyambura Irungu – Kangubiri Secondary School

My name is Esther Nyambura Irungu. I was born on 25th December at Kijabe village, Withare sublocation, one kilometer from Ol Pejeta. Before joining Kangubiri secondary school I went to Kijabe primary school where I did my KCPE and managed to score 339 marks. My parents are subsistence farmers and are unable to support my education I have been at school courtesy of well wishers and bursaries. I am very happy to be enrolled into PA-MOJA bursary programme so that I can realize my vision of becoming a doctor. I would be happy to support another needy child from my community in future. Thanks to Ol Pejeta and donors who are supporting my education.

Immaculate Njeri Wanjiru – St. Augustine Secondary School

I am Immaculate Njeri Wanjiru, a form 2 student at St. Augustine secondary school.I was born in 1995. I have six siblings all who rely on my mother. One my sisters is in Tharua secondary school and my younger sister will be joining secondary school this year. I did my KCPE IN 2009 and attained 328 marks. Since I joined St. Augustine my mother has been struggling to pay my school fees and I have therefore been often sent home for school fees. I thank you for your assistance and willingness to sponsor my education so that I can achieve my goal of becoming an accountant. I promise to work hard and to never let you down. Thank you for your kind support.

James Kamu – Ruthagati Secondary School

I am James Kamu and I was born in 1995. My mother, who was a single mother died in 2003 which forced me to become a street boy. The conditions in the streets were very harsh and I was thus forced to go back to my home village seeking to be employed as a shephered in 2004. Fortunately one woman I met refused to employ me but instead she took me to Sirima primary school where I was enrolled to standard 2 since I was overage. I completed my primary school in 2010 and scored 262/ 500 marks.

I joined Ruthagati secondary school in 2011 and it is my guardian who has been burdened with my educational support but she is unable to pay for my school fees. I am very much grateful to get your support. I look forward to becoming a teacher in future. Thank you for supporting my education.

Joel Ndun’gu – Sweetwaters secondary school

My name is Joel Ndun’gu from Sweetwaters secondary school. I was born in 1992 to Mr. and Mrs. Mwangi. I am the second born in a family of eleven. In my family we struggle hard to get our day to day basic needs because of the high poverty that has bound my family for many years. When I sat for my final primary school examination I was very much depressed about my future education. This worry affected my performance but I secured a chance at Sweetwaters secondary school where I am currently continuing my education in form 2. I was very happy to hear that community leaders understanding our situation at home forwarded my name to Ol Pejeta conservancy. Now I am sure that my dream of becoming a teacher will come true.

Thank you so much my sponsors.

Patrick Kiiru Mwangi – Thome Boys Secondary School

I am Patrick Kiiru Mwangi aged 15 years and in form 2 at Thome secondary school. I am the third born in a family of six and my siblings are also in school. My elder sister is in college undertaking a course in environmental studies while my younger sister is in grade six. I schooled at Mitero primary school and I was position one having attained 354 out of 500 marks. I was admitted to Ruthagati High school but my parents were unable to pay. I thank God for our area leader who got me a place at Thome boys where I was schooling without paying hoping one day I would get a sponsor. God of all kindness heard my prayers and granted me an opportunity in the PA-MOJA-OPC sponsorship programme. I am very appreciative for the sponsorship and I look forward to helping another child in future.

Simon Ngatia Njoki – St. Augustine Secondary School

My name is Simon Ngatia Njoki. I am now in form two at St. Augustine secondary school. I was born in 1993 to my mother Miss Alice Njoki who is a single parent. We reside at Mutero sublocation on the western side of Ol Pejeta conservancy. Before joining St. Augustine secondary school in February 2010, I schooled at Oltaffeta primary school where I got 305 marks in my final examination. I have four siblings and my mother is a victim of HIV/ AIDS and has no source of income. She relies on government relief food, casual labour when available and well wishers. I am very thankful to have been recruited to PA-MOJA-OPC bursary programme. My future goal is to become an engineer.

Standard 6 – (Grade 6)

Diana Nyambura – Salvation Army Joytown

I am Diana and I was born in 1994 in a single family of five including my mum and my other three siblings. Diana is a disabled kid at Joy school specials school in Thika town. Diana stayed at home for a whole year due lack of school fees and it is at that time that Ol Pejeta conservancy intervened in 2005. She has been a beneficiary of PA-MOJA since its inception. Talking to Diana’s mother she said “I thank you for your continued support to Diana and may God bless you”.





In the summer of 2012 we got to meet a number of students who received partial bursaries when we made our school visits.  Here are some images.  The full list of students who received partial bursaries, with the amount they received follows the images.







MWITURIA SECONDARY SCHOOL – This is a mix of bursary and non-bursary students.



Students with Partial Bursaries in 2012

Tigithi Secondary School
Irene Wanjugu 2500
Catharine Wamaitha 2500
Endana Secondary School
Joseph Eligoi 5000
Charles Kariuki 5000
Francis Edong 5000
Magdaline Nyawira 5000
Simon Ekomwa 5000
Simeon Maina 5000
Mario Karaura 5000
Jackson Ndegwa 2500
Stephen Kesio 2500
Evalyne Ngano 2500
Florence Apua 2500
Simon Kiperus Mure 2500
George Ekiru 2500
Gideon Kaigil 2500
Shadrack Kamwaro 2500
Francis Juma 2500
Joyce Kiopire 2500
Esther Wambui 2500
Beatrice Ekwoma 2500
John Burunye 2500
Fredrick Kesio 2500
Ntaiya Johnson 2500
Sweetwaters Secondary School
Eunice Muthanje 2500
Amos Maina 2500
Hilda Wangui 2500
David Mwangi 2500
Lawrence Theuri 2500
Linsy Njeri 2500
Geoffrey Kinyua Muriithi 2500
Joyce muthoni kanyari 2500
Charity Macharia 2500
Ann Gichuhi 2500
Ntaiya Titi 2500
Grace Muthoni 2500
Mary Njeri 2500
Grace Nyaruai 2500
John Ngari Muthoga 2500
Mary Kimaru 2500
Tabitha Wairimu Wambugu 2500
Mary Lisper Gituara 2500
Bilha Wangui Muriuki 2500
Elizabeth Wangui Waigera 2500
Christine Wanjiru 2500
Evalyne Wambui Karwigi 2500
Isaac Wambugu 2500
Nelius Wambui 2500
Pauline Ndururi 2500
Mpapa 2500
Robert Kibera 2500
John Gachanja 2500
Trizah Wairimu Wachira 2500
Hamisi Gichohi 2500
Serah Wanjiku Muthui 2500
Grace Wanja Muhiu 2500
Mercy Wangari Ndirangu 2500
Agnes Wachuka 2500
St. Augustine Secondary School
Susan Muriithi 5000
Evan Gachie 5000
Kelvin Mahinda 5000
Lucy Wangu 5000
Patrick Murage Waweru 5000
Kelvin Wahome Njagi 5000
Peter Ndirangu King’ori 5000
Jeremiah Macharia Mwangi 5000
Gideon Ndirangu 5000
Barnabas Nderitu Mwangi 5000
Boniface Gichuki 5000
Vipsel Gagil 5000
Samuel Thamaini 5000
Nicholus Mundia 2500
Evalyne Mwihaki 2500
Margaret Wandia 2500
Mwituria Secondary School
Caroline Apongi 5000
Joseph Githinji 2500
Peter Mukundi 2500
Charles Muriuki 2500
Evalyne Mpapaya 2500
Lucy Wangeci 2500
Joyce Waigwa 2500
Stephen Wachira 2500
Charles Mwangi 2500
Dorcas Waithira 2500
Grace Wangui 2500
Oltafetta Secondary School
Lucy Njeri Ndirangu 2500
Charles Wahome Gichohi 2500
Simon Mwangi Githinji 2500
Esther Njoki Mutoru 2500
Eunice Kagendo 2500
Esther Muthoni 2500
Beatrice Mwihaki 2500
John Maina 2500
John Gacheru 2500
Susan Wangari Githinji 2500
Justus Mwangi 2500
Emma Nyokabi 2500
Nelly Wangui 2500
Michael Ndungu 2500
Karemeno Secondary School
Maureen Wanjiku Kuru 5000
Eric Kariuki 5000
Sarafina Kimaru 5000
Esther Wangui Mwangi 2500
Leah Muthoni Munyiri 2500
George Mwangi Muriithi 2500
Partrick Riitho Maina 2500
Henry w. Maina 2500
Vironicah Wandia Ngari 2500
Ephantus Gachanja Kabucha 2500
James Macharia Ngari 2500
Pauline Wanja Mwangi 2500
Charles Maina Ngari 2500
Tharua Secondary School
Purity Wanjiru 5000
Isaac Njoroge Nyambura 2500
Lilian Waguthii 2500
Milka Macharia 2500
Charles Ndumia 2500
Nicholas Njoroge 2500
Peris Ndung’u 2500
Peter Mwai 2500
Rahab Nyawira 2500
Samuel Karimi 2500
Shem Ndungu Mwangi 2500
Teresah Ndirangu 2500
Millicent Nyaguthie 2500
Leah Ndirangu 2500
Kennedy Muchemi 2500
Mercy Wanjau 2500
Mary Macharia 2500
Leah Ndirangu 2500
Mary Macharia 2500
Thome Boys Secondary School
Lawrence Mukundi 5000
Samuel Gitonga Muigwa 2500
Titus Githae 2500
Kelvin Kariuki 2500
Moses Kariuki 5000
Anthony Gitahi 5000
Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary
Susan Wanjiru Wangari 5000
Susan Muringi Mwangi 5000
Martha Wambui irungu 5000
Margaret Wangari Mwangi 5000
Caroline Muriithi 5000
Nanyuki High School Justice Wachira 5000
Solomon Maina 5000
Male Secondary School Rose Njoki Wambugu 2500
Teresa Nyambura Muchemi 2500
Karangu C. Waringa 2500
Jane Wambui Ng’ang’a 2500
Doldol Boys Secondary School Moris Muriuki Gakuya 5000
Kennedy Kihara Wachira 5000
Elijah Kesier 5000
John Lukwaro 2500
Inoro Secondary School Ann Wanjiru 5000
Walter Mungai 2500
Ann Njuguna 2500
Withare Secondary School Amos Muriithi 2500
Margaret Wamaitha 2500
Ann Wangui Wangari 2500
Lucy Wanjiru Kahonge 2500
Gatuanyaga Secondary School Wacheke Muhoro 2500
Sara Karimi Mwangi 2500
Esther Githinji 2500
Ngobit Girls Secondary School Susan Nyaga 5000
Ann Wanjiku Waweru 5000
Susan Maina 5000
Mary Wangechi 5000
St. Francis Girls Secondary School Jane Baraka Lengerek 5000
Lilian Lenangetai 5000
Manuela Loshakol Epur 5000
Florence Chepkor 2500
Ngobit Boys Secondary School Titus Muhoya Muraguri 5000
Jephan Muriuki 5000
Titus Muhoya Muraya 2500
Joseph Ndirangu 2500
Moi Equator Girls Secondary School Mercy Wanjiku Kahuthia 2500
Esther Wakiuru 15000
Karima High School Ephantus Wahome 5000
Nanyuki Polytechnic Rose Muthoni Gitau 2500
Burguret Secondary School Diana Wambui Mureithi 2500
Othaya Boys High School Hiram Wachira 5000
Watuka Secondary School Kimiti Wamuyu 2500
Mwichiri Secondary School Eunice Gathure Kabiti 2500
Naromoru Secondary School Nelson Ndirangu Wathuti 2500
Marua Secondary School Salome Njoki Maina 2500
Kenya Polytechnic University College Isaac kangangi Munuhe 5000
Kanjuri Secondary School John Munyiri Muriuki 5000
JKUAT Ennio Koinange 5000
Kenya Teachers Training College Annbel Nyaruai Maina 5000
Munyu Secondary School Christine Murugi 2500
St. Mary’s Secondary Victor Wanjohi 2500
Gatundia Secondary School Sophia Mohamed Adan 5000
Tambaya Secondary School Edward Karuguya 2500
ECD College Leah Kimondo 5000
Laikipia Air Base Secondary School Penina Gitau 5000
Kihara Secondary School Joseph Kariuki Njoroge 2500
Endarasha High School Denis Mwangi 2500
Kangubiri Girls High School Wanjiku Caroline Muthoni 2500
Ndathi Secondary School Jesee Kimaru 2500
Outspan Medical Training College Gladys Wangui Kuru 5000
Kigwadi secondary school Agnes Wairimu 2500
Macci Boys Secondary School Anthony Ngatia Wambui 2500

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