April 30, 2013 at 8:23 am

Tigithi Will Soon Enjoy the Internet

Mast segments
The Mast Segments

Even with the heavy rains taking place in Kenya and the bad roads leading to the interior parts of the country, a school like

the foundation of the mast
The foundation of the mast

Tigithi secondary school is pleased to benefit from PA-MOJA. “Finally it is here” says Mr. Muchiri, the principal of the secondary school who looks

very happy.  Finally the construction of the Tigithi internet mast has commenced, the foundation has been dug and cemented (as is shown in the photo) and the mast segments that were assembled in Nairobi, have finally been transported to the school. I believe if this was a first world country this

mast segment
The Longest segment

would not take more than a day but the fact is Kenya is a third world country and with the lack of infrastructure and poor road networks, it has taken some time to build the mast. Tigithi secondary is one of the schools in the remote areas, around 16 kilometres from the town of Nanyuki; it will become the first school in the area to have an internet mast.

The school is humbled by its sister school, Heritage Woods Secondary, for the kind support and they feel that the barrier of communication is closing soon as they head to the digital age. The mast will be built behind the computer lab which has more than 12 computer.  This will be the pride of students who have only heard of the word internet but do not have the practical aspect.

More photos will be uploaded as the completion is deemed to be through by Friday 3rd May 2013 Kenyan time if the weather rains favorable.

one of the support foundations
The Support Foundation
the computer lab front view
The Computer Laboratory
the roads to Tigithi
The Roads to Tigithi

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  1. Congratulations Moses..great report and photos!
    Neil Bryson