February 24, 2014 at 6:57 am

PA-MOJA Table at the North Poplar Market

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Asia North Poplar, sister school to Uaso Nyiro, displayed Kenyan art work at a table at the annual Poplar Market in Abbotsford.  This year, the children in the PA-MOJA club decorated gingerbread African animals to sell in packages. We also had a gift basket of Kenyan made items.

The students enjoyed the responsibility of helping out throughout the day, including setting up and taking down the tables, promoting our organization, and counting money. It was a great experience and we were fortunate to make over one thousand dollars for PA-MOJA.

Now we look forward to the Global Market being held on April 19th at Langley Fine Arts School.

Sheridan Tochkin


  1. What a great day it was. Thanks for inviting me to attend! The students were fantastic .

  2. So sweet…Love it!