March 18, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Burnaby South’s Rebel Famine Night Connects Students in Canada and Kenya

Burnaby South’s Student Government organized the event.

On February 7th, 2014, about 40 Burnaby South students participated in Rebel Famine, a 30-hour fast to fundraise for PA-MOJA and learn about our sister school, Endana Secondary.

photo 2
Heather Hall presented to the students.

It was a fantastic night filled with fun games and entertainment. From presentations by Heather Hall and Alison Stuart, students learned that Project Kenya supports the people around the Ol Pejeta conservancy in order to help both people and wildlife. The students were able to gain a new perspective on how people live in other parts of the world.

A period of the night was dedicated to crafting notebooks and writing letters to send to Kenya. There was so much excitement on the students’ faces knowing that they would be sending a piece of themselves to share with their friends abroad.

photo 3
The Skype connection was projected onto the gym wall.

The night ended with a Skype call with students from Endana.Endana students were thrilled to have the opportunity to travel into the town of Nanyuki in order to participate in the call, and although it was very late at night for the students in Burnaby, they were more than happy to stay up to chat. The cultural exchange was amazing; both South and Endana students learned a lot about each others’ cultures, societies, and interests.

Students participated in a Skype call with Endana students.

The schools took turns asking questions, and the conversation was engaging. Songs and dances were also performed, which were so fun to watch. There was a lot of laughter and smiles reciprocated on both ends. One student said, “I thought that the Skype call was a great moment, and it’s a truly eye-opening experience to be able to talk to people halfway across the world from you,(and) to share a moment with another culture.”

The amount of money raised was astounding; in total, over $3000 was raised for both Endana Secondary as well as the Rebels Food Program at Burnaby South. Hunger was the last thing on students’ minds as they walked away having had the truly special experience of establishing a worldly connection with people their own age, and who share a common passion for education.

A Burnaby South student described her experience as being “amazing. It was a beautiful thing to learn about their lives, and to discover what makes us different, but more importantly, what makes us the same.” It was a night to remember.

Miguelle Lagera – Burnaby South Student


  1. Thanks for all your support, Burnaby South. You are making a big difference in the lives of young people in Kenya.

  2. Congratulations on a successful event!