May 26, 2014 at 6:02 am

Tharua Shares Culture with Mundy Road


  1. Silvia Knittel

    I’m happy to see the kids at Tharua cleaning up their school, planting trees, and caring about their environment.

    Silvia Knittel
    Vice-President, PA-MOJA

  2. Congratulations Thaura Elementary School. You are obviously a very talented and caring group of students. I am happy to see that you want to take care of the environment. I would like to know what the words to your song means.

  3. Wow! The learning environment looks better already!!

  4. I hope your trees grow and give you lots of shade. I really liked your song and dance!

    Vicki Swan
    PA-MOJA Volunteer

  5. It’s so great to learn more about your school and the things that your students care about.
    Alison Stuart,
    Director, PA-MOJA