November 8, 2014 at 11:18 am

Visit to Sweetwaters Primary – Summer 2014

A team of PA-MOJA volunteers visited Sweetwaters Primary school in the summer of 2014 to share cultural exchange ideas prepared by students at Heritage Mountain elementary school.

The following videos illustrate the positive relationship that is growing between students at both schools.

The team of visitors, including Amber Illes, Suzanne Fengler, and Anthony Gicheru, were moved by the warmth and hospitality shown to them by the students and teachers at Sweetwaters Primary, especially the singing and dancing.

An Overview of the Day:

Question Exchange:



  1. What a delightful day with Sweetwaters students! I really enjoyed watching the students sing,dance, interact with each other and ask questions about Canada.

  2. Sweetwaters was the last school we visited before we left and I really enjoyed our time there. The children and staff were so enthusiastic about having us there. They sang and showed us how to dance. I have great memories of our last school.