November 17, 2014 at 6:48 pm

ASIA North Poplar Students Get Happy with their Sister School, Uaso Nyiro


  1. Fun times were had by all on both sides of the world! What a wonderful connection!

  2. The connection between the students at Uaso-Nyiro and North Poplar is so strong. It is always a special day to visit the school. Thanks to both schools for growing this partnership.

    Alison Stuart, Director PA-MOJA

  3. What a great way to share,through dance,song,and a bit of gymnastics.
    Loved the video!

  4. What a wonderful welcome given by the Uaso-Nyiro students and staff.The performances were out of this world.I felt honoured to be there.I hope the friendship between ASIA North Poplar and Uaso-Nyiro can continue to grow in the years ahead.