April 12, 2015 at 8:54 pm

Tigithi Students Head to the Regional Science Fair

In February 2015, James Muraguri and Brian Mwangi came up with an idea for an ‘Automated Solar Switch’ as their inquiry project for the Butterfly Effect website, a cross-curricular learning site where students guide their own learning and support the learning of others (butterflyeffect.ning.com).

After posting their movie and getting input from students in Kenya and North America, James and Brian modified and improved their switch. They were encouraged by Mr. Muchiri, the head teacher, and Mr. Obadiah, the Butterfly Effect sponsor teacher at Tigithi, to enter the Automated Solar Switch into the Sub-district Science Fair.

James and Brian were very proud to be the first students from Tigithi to win the engineering category. They proceeded to the District Science Fair held on March 21, and again the solar switch was awarded first place.

James and Brian are now working hard to perfect the switch and look at the broader implications of using the switch at their school, in preparation for the Regional Science Fair in Nyeri on May 9th.

The following movie describes their project and how the butterfly effect community has supported their inquiry project.

Everyone at PA-MOJA wishes James and Brian the best of luck at the Regionals.


  1. wow.fantastic.I wish you guys all the best past regional level

  2. Congratulations ! I am thrilled to know that collaboration with the Butterfly Effect has helped Brian and James achieve such recognition. ‘2 brains are always better than one!’

  3. James and Brian, I think this is an amazing project. You have used your creativity and collaboration skills to create something that can be used in real world application. I saw this kind of inspiring work when I came to Tigithi last July and am excited to see it continue. Good luck!