February 21, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Spring Creek School has been Busy

The Spring Creek Community School (SCCS) has been working on some fundraising this year and learning about schools/life in Kenya.
Making BangilisFundraising – We raised approx. $550.00 from 2 events.  Many students at the school came out on Thursdays at lunch to make spiral beaded Kenyan bracelets.  We called them “Bangilis” (Swahili for “bracelets”) and we made about 80 of them.  We sold them at a Christmas craft fair in Whistler and provided a lot of information about PA-MOJA to interested people.  We also sold raffle tickets for a beautiful Gingerbread House that one of the local teachers purchased for us.winner of the gingerbread house

Learning – We have watched some of the videos from the PA-MOJA website and are learning about education and life in Kenya and how PA-MOJA works with Kenyan schools and communities.  We are currently in the process of planning presentations to the classes at SCCS.

Upcoming  – We 2 PA-MOJA CLUB MEMBERS SELLING BANGILIS AT THE CRAFT FAIRwill continue to do fundraising activities through the remainder of the school year.  In addition, one of our gr. 4/5 classes who sent artwork to Endana Primary last year will raise funds for PA-MOJA by organizing a movie night for students and their families as a class project.  They are learning a lot about working together for a great cause. We are also in the process of planning PA-MOJA presentations to the classes at Spring Creek.

Post written by: Vicki Swan

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