February 22, 2016 at 6:06 pm

Carbonear’s PA-MOJA Connection

At Carbonear Collegiate, PA-MOJA has successfully raised funds and made a cultural connection with our sister school, Thome. We are thrilled to say that our group has created our biggest fundraiser,  the Techonology Famine. We plan to have oimage1ne every year since it is such a big hit.

Although quite difficult, we all have fun interacting with one another as we take on the challenge to give up our technology for 30 hours. After having our second one, we are thrilled to be planning the third! During this event we play sports, do lots of team building activities and skype with our sister school. We challenge each participant to spread the word about PA-MOJA while collecting pledges for our Tech Famine.
Another fundraiser that is quite successful is our bake sales. We get together to bake all kinds of goods to sell at our school; this helps to spread the word about our group and it allows the members of PA-MOJA to work together to raise money.

We also had a dance workshop that was a success. We wanted to get the community involved in a fun event that would bring awareness about PA-MOJA and what we stand for.

We are planning to have other fundraisers in the Spring such as more bake sales and even a car wash. Our main goal is to get the community involved in interesting fundraisers and tell the community about PA-MOJA .

By: Emma Haraga


  1. We are proud of you guys. In a sense the hours or days spent without technology are representative of the many kids in Kenya who don’t have access to technology. However, through PA-MOJA, and the fundraising done by other sister schools, several schools now have access to computers and internet and our kids have a chance to get out of their much longer technology famine.

  2. Am moved by this! The kind of sacrifice you guys you make,this is really very kind MOJA staff