PA-MOJA Core Values

Equality: We value all life and recognize the interconnectedness of all living things on the planet.

Global Citizens: We believe that educating students through cultural exchanges creates globally minded citizens who make better decisions for themselves, their community and the planet.

Respect: We respect the skills of local workers and strive to hire local people whenever possible.

Health: We believe that building clean, safe infrastructure (eg. classrooms, water tanks, libraries, dormitories, biogas stations) reduces health inequalities, providing the best opportunity for learning.

Environment: We strive to use sustainable materials when purchasing or creating products for our fundraising campaigns and avoid producing marketing materials that are wasteful and unnecessary.

Transparency: We conduct all aspects of our organization in an open and transparent manner. We encourage donors to visit and give feedback on our projects.

Partnership: We believe in working collaboratively with people recognizing that we are equal partners in our endeavors. We support collaborative decision-making.

Commitment: We make long-term commitments to our partner communities. We feel ethically responsible to continue the ongoing relationships we build with each other.

Impartiality: We offer assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. We do not engage in any religious activities or activities that promote one religion over another.

Reflective: We strive to avoid ethnocentric behaviour. We are self-reflective and therefore always open to learning and change.