HOME PAGE: Tigithi Secondary School – Kenya



Tigithi is now a full boys day and boarding secondary school after the last mixed class of boys and girls graduated in the year 2014. It is  located on the Eastern side of Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Principal Name : Mr Ndiritu

PA-MOJA Contact Person : Samuel Irungu

PA-MOJA School: Heritage Woods Secondary

Address : P.o Box 514- 10400 Nanyuki

School Motto: Education is gate way to success

The school began in 1980 as a girls and boys day school at Thome Centre 2km away from the current site to cater for the needs of students whose parents are not able to pay for the boarding fees. All students used to report to school at 7.00 am and leave at 5.00 pm

Currently, Tigithi is a day and boarding facility with an enrolment of 395 boys in grade 9 to 12. While some students go home after classes the boarders remain in school full time. This has enabled the upgrading of the school to a district school meaning it can now admit students from all over Laikipia unlike there before when it lacked a boarding wing. PA-MOJA bursary beneficiaries are among students who board in the school.

Students from this school do advance to tertiary level i.e colleges and universities thus find good working opportunities. In return majority invest in their own communities as well as assist their families financially. This is made possible by the combined effort of students, teachers, school administration and parents and well wishers. Students study hard to get good grades in their termly examination as well as the final secondary education examination popularly known as Kenya Cetrificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Students work together in discussion groups and their combined ability fruits to great success.

Students also participate in various extra-curricular activities such as ball games, athletics, music and drama festivals.DSC_0921

*The school has 9 permanent classrooms.
*3 semi- permanent classrooms made of timber .
*It has one laboratory and a library.
* It has a semi permanent kitchen.

However the school faces various challenges that affect the entire well-being of the school thus impacts negatively on the delivery of students academically. Listed below are some of the constrains :
– Most students travel long distances and hence do not attain their full academic potential .
– Fees payment is poor thus depend on occasional fundraising to develop the school.
-Located in a semi arid region, the area experiences frequent crop failures that make farmers have poor yields hence unable to pay school fees for their children.
– Limited electric power (solar power) affects night time studies and limits the usage of electronic equipments.

Despite the major challenges the school has had, Tigithi is proud of its great academic achievements. Through combined support from the government and well wishers, the school is also proud of its infrastructural development. PA-MOJA has managed to construct an internet tower that the school uses with its internet activities. It is one of the major and pioneer PA-MOJA patnered school that is connected to PA-MOJA programs, Butterfly Effect, an internet academic site where students share academic knowledge.

Tigithi Secondary is so proud to be connected to Heritage Woods through PA-MOJA organisation.